The croft where Heron Bay Holidays is situated has been in Robin’s family since the 15th Century, and Robin hasn’t really lived anywhere else!

His family began the Croit Anna Hotel just up the road. It began as a piggery and slowly turned into a 90+ bedroom hotel, which was sold in 2002. Robin was the breakfast chef in the mornings and did the maintenance in the afternoons.

Robin is a time served joiner, and after being self employed for many years, now works for a local family run joinery firm. Working in the hotel, he knows the basics of most trades and is able to fix most problems that crop up in the cottages. He built our last house for us and has just finished our beautiful new home next to the cottages. His next job is to renovate the old stone croft house which generations of his family have lived in, and you see as you turn in off the road.

In his spare time (!) Robin is a small aircraft pilot and keeps a plane at Connell airfield and tries to get out flying as often as he can.

Sharyn is from Tasmania originally and met Robin when travelling the world and ended up at the Croit Anna Hotel! She works part time as an Adult Mental Health Worker as well as the cottages. In her spare time she enjoys wild swimming, and will often be found in the loch at the front of the cottages, Pilates and hillrunning.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Croft.