Terms & Conditions


Heron Bay Holidays are available for let all year round. When you reserve a cottage at Heron Bay Holidays you are signing a contract and agreeing to  the following conditions:


Your holiday begins at 4pm on the day of arrival and you must depart before 10am on the day of departure.

Booking Confirmation:

Your booking will be confirmed only when you have received  confirmation of this from Heron Bay Holidays and we require a deposit equivalent of one night’s accommodation.  This is non refundable.


Full payment is required one month before your stay.


Pets are not permitted at the properties.


Smoking and vaping is not permitted at the properties.


Under no circumstances can there be no more than 4 people accommodated in any one cottage overnight.


Guests will be liable for any damage caused whilst staying at the  cottages.  Guests will take all reasonable and proper care of the property whilst staying, and will inform the owners of any damage done.  A damage deposit of £100 will be taken at the time of booking, and refunded 24 hours after departure if no damage is done, or  items missing.


For a fee of 5% of the total charges, you may cancel your reservation by giving us written notice at least 30 days before your check in dates.  If you do so we will refund you the total charges except for the non refundable reservation fees, including the cancellation fee of 5% your total charges.  If you cancel your reservation after the cancellation deadline, including check in to check out period of your reservation for any reason, we will have no obligation to refund you any amounts you paid, except for the security deposit, unless otherwise required by applicable law.  You acknowledge and agree that travel insurance is available to you to purchase from various third parties which may avoid or mitigate the risk of you losing amounts you have paid under this Agreement if you cancel your reservation.

By the fullest extent permitted by law: we may cancel your reservation at any time for any reason. In our sole and absolute discretion, and if we do so we will refund you the total charges including the non refundable reservation fees.  We may move up your check in date for any reason in our sole and absolute discretion, in which case we will refund you a proportionate percentage of the total charges, including the non refundable reservation fee. to you for any damages if we cancel your reservation or move up your check out dates.